Law Office Bergt – Austria and Liechtenstein

c/o Attorney at law Dr. Peter Bergt

Bahnhofstraße 7
6410 Telfs
Buchenweg 6
9094 Vaduz
Phone: 05262 64249
Fax: 05262 68950
Phone: +423 235 40 17
ADVM-Code: R807670
VAT-ID: ATU63626749

Member of “Treuhandbuch der Tiroler Rechtsanwaltskammer”

Web: Law Office Bergt / bergtlaw
Law Office Bergt / bergtlaw
Law Office Bergt / bergtlaw
Law Firm Bergt and Partners Ltd. (Liechtenstein)

Supervisory Authority:

Liechtenstein Bar Association (FL)
Tyrol Bar Association (AT)

Disciplinary Court:

Princely High Court (FL)
Tyrol Bar Association (AT)

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